Google Account Recovery

Know More About How do I Recover my Password for my Google Account

Google account is the user account that helps in accessing Google products and services. There are many services which require the Google account details for the access. It is required for accessing, authorizing and authenticating the services and products on the web.

The internet user considers the Google account to be very efficient for web applications. If the user is unable to use the Google account due to any issues, it may create a great mess while working on the internet. The reason could be anything but the solution is to go for the Google account recovery help. Google is well-known for easily recovering the lost data. The Google account recovery involves the following steps:

  1. The first step is to visit the Account recovery page of Google account.
  2. Then, the user is required to choose the option if I don’t know my password.
  3. When the next page is prompted, the user is required to enter the email address which needs to be recovered and the Continue button is clicked.
  4. There are various options available as if the user is don’t know about the phone number displayed on the screen, then the other option could be tried.
  5. The option of using the alternate email is also thereby which the verification code or the password reset link is sent on that email.
  6. Another option of security questions is also there. If the user has no idea about the phone number and alternate email, then the security questions are answered to recover the account.

How to Recover Google Account Password

The manual verification of user’s identity can also be done for the Google account password recovery by following steps:

  • The Google account recovery page is visited on the browser.
  • The email address is entered there and the Continue button is clicked.
  • The option of I don’t know for the password is clicked and there is another option available on the screen which says Verify your identity.
  • In this section, the user is required to answer all the answers which are best of their knowledge and accurate for the successful recovery of Google account.

If the issue is still there or any other query comes up to the user’s mind, the option is Google account recovery by phone call. In this, the user can simply dial the phone number of the customer support department and the representative on the other end will assist the user with the best possible help. All the queries can be discussed over the phone and the solution for the same is provided on the phone call. The phone number is provided on Google’s official website.

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  1. How can I recover my google account if I lost my phone number? I need help...

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    Here Best Solution Of What To Do If Google Account Recovery Phone Number Lost

    Recover it if you are unable to make your Google account login. Are you entering the right details? If you are unable to make your account login even after entering the right details, maybe your account is under some unauthentic access. Don’t you have the access to your account recovery phone number? Make the use of if https// if you are not using your Google account recovery phone number. It is a reliable and straightforward way for recovering a Gmail account which is under unauthentic access. Check out the steps below and get your email account back.

    How To Recover Google Account Without A Phone Number?

    1. https//

    2. Type this link on your preferred web browser

    3. The official account recovery help page will open

    4. Enter the email address that is needed to be recovered

    5. Click on Next and open a new window

    6. You will now be prompted to enter your last password

    7. Here you are supposed to enter the last password you have remembered

    8. Click on Try another way if you have not remembered any of your passwords

    9. You will now be insisted to get a call or text on the registered number

    10. Click on I don’t have my phone if this number is beyond your access

    11. Then Google will insist you in getting the verification link in the secondary email address

    12. Click on this link and get the chance of entering a new password

    Get Technical Assistance for Google Account Recovery

    Google has a support team that is efficient and filled with highly skilled technical support engineers. These engineers are promised to serving the Gmail account users in the most professional manner. They, who are specially trained, are catering to a long range of services. They are also ready to help you in recovering the account if Google account recovery phone number lost.