Air Italy Manage Booking

Air Italy Manage Booking

Air Italy is basically a very popular privately owned airline which known for providing world-class services to its customers. Besides this, the airline has even ensured that the passengers don’t face any issue while traveling with the airline and for this reason they have introduced various online services that helps in the easy management of the reservations. And for the passengers who wish to modify their bookings can opt for Air Italy Manage Booking option.

What basically is Manage booking option of Air Italy?

Manage booking option is basically a service that one can avail by simply visiting Air Italy website or by contacting the reservation center of the airline. Through this service the one can add additional services to their reservation or can simply manage their flight tickets depending on the requirement.

Now, the simple process for managing your Air Italy reservations:

For modifying your reservations, you need to visit the website of the airline. After that, select the Your Flight option in order to make certain changes to your reservations. Then, you will be provided with the various option which you can opt in order to modify and manage your Air Italy reservations.

For flight change:

For flight changing process, you are required to select the change option under the manage section. Then, enter the registered email id and reservation code of your booking in order to retrieve your booking. After that, select the change booking option in order to change flight for your reservations. Thereafter, select an alternative flight for your reservation and confirm your booking by paying excess fare.

For adding excess baggage:

In case if you are traveling with the airline with the excess baggage then, you can opt for this option. Simply select the add baggage option under the manage section. After that, provide your last name and ticket code for retrieving your booking. And once your booking is retrieved you can add baggage to your reservations by paying some fee.

Air Italy Manage Reservations

In case of queries regarding the excess baggage fee you can seek assistance from the reservation center of the airline. Besides this, there are various other services that you can avail through the manage section like selecting seat in advance, online check-in, cancelling reservation etc.

Hence, next time whenever you need to make changes to your reservations, simply follow these simple instructions or contact the airline helpline.



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