Cox Internet Not Working

Cox Internet Not Working

Cox internet is a very popular service provided by Cox Communications which is also known for providing its customers with various services like cable television and telephone connections etc. Besides, being an amazing service there are some users who face Cox internet not working issue due to some technical glitches. However, one can easily fix it by following some procedures that is provided in this article. So, if you wish to fix this issue quickly simply follow the solutions provided to enjoy buffer-free streaming.

Ways to fix Cox internet not Working

If you are facing issues to connect your devices with Cox internet connection then, you are required to disconnect all the devices connected to the internet connections. Further, unplug the modem from the power plug and ensure all the modem cables are connected properly. Thereafter, plug in the cord of your modem. After that, turn on your computer and check the connection by visiting Cox website.

In case, if you are still unable to resolve the issue, then it might because of the Wi-Fi through which you are using the connection. For this, you can try connecting your device to the modem by using an an ethernet cord. Further, turn off your modem for a while and again restart your device. Once done, your Cox internet not working issue will be resolved.

Another reason behind this issue can be because of the lost password of your Wi-Fi connectivity. For resolving this issue you can visit the Wifi portal of Cox internet and follow the instructions as stated in the manual.

Cox Internet Not Responding

Besides this, there are chances that Cox internet services might be facing some outage issue which can be fixed only the service providers. So, in such case you simply need to reach out to Cox help center in order to get the desired assistance.

Hence, these the few solutions to fix Cox internet issues quickly. However, in case of query you can simply reach out to the support team to solve the issue in time.


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