Delta Airlines Upgrade with Miles

Delta Airlines Upgrade with Miles

Delta Airlines takes care of every passenger accessing its services and hence it offers miles for all its frequent flyers. Moreover, the miles can be used for booking a new flight or upgrade Delta Airlines flights. Besides, if you want to know how to upgrade Delta Airlines flight with miles, then, follow this article.

Upgrade your Delta Airlines flight with miles while booking the flight

The procedure to upgrade your Delta Airlines flight with miles is quite simple, all you need is to go its website and log in to your account. Further, you have to select the ticket and if the flight is eligible for upgrades, then, you would see Upgrade with Miles option in the trip summary prior to complete the ticket reservation process. Once you select the Delta Upgrade with miles option, you can use your miles to upgrade your flights on Delta Airlines.

Delta Airlines Upgrade

If you have already booked your Delta Airlines flight and want to use your Delta Airlines miles to upgrade your ticket, then, you would require to My Trips section of Delta Airlines website. And then fill in the required details and go to manage booking page. Moreover, if Delta Airlines Upgrade is available for you, you would get an option 'Select Seats' for money or miles. You have to choose that option and you will get the Seat Map from which you have to pick a seat from the available seats. And complete the purchase by following the instructions.

Besides, if you are not able to upgrade your Delta Airlines flight, in that case, you need to contact the Delta Airlines personnel. And to do so, you should contact a SkyMiles Representative and explain the issue you are facing with the service. Also, you would require to share trip information with the SkyMiles executive and also request for booking a Mileage Upgrade Award. In addition, the customer support executive will explain the price and availability for Delta Airlines Upgrade. Most importantly, if you are acquiring enough miles and your reservation is eligible for an upgrade, then, the representative can confirm your request to upgrade your Delta Airlines flight reservation.


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