Gmail Not Receiving Some Emails with Attachments

Gmail Not Receiving Some Emails with Attachments

How do I change attachment settings in Gmail?

To enable this settings:
to your Gmail Account.
Click the gear button located in the upper right corner (Options > Mail Settings).
In the "General tab" , scroll to the "Attachments" section and select "Basic attachment features

How do I download a blocked attachment in Gmail?

Here's how to do it in a few simple steps:
Open Gmail client in the browser.
Open the flagged mail and click on the menu and select Show Original.
Right-click on the “Download Original” link and choose “Save as…” from the contextual menu.
Change the ”.txt” extension to “.eml” and save it.

How do I stop Gmail from marking emails as read automatically?

To enable Preview Pane in Gmail, go to Settings > Labs > Preview Pane and mark it as enabled. Click Save Changes. Then go back into Settings > General, and in the Preview Pane section you can set Mark a conversation as read: to Never. Here is another tip.

How do I unblock an attachment in Gmail?

Rename the file
Locate the attachment in the email message.
Right-click the attachment, and then click Copy.
Right-click the desktop, and then click Paste.
Right-click the pasted file, and then click Rename.
Rename the file to use the original file name extension, such as .exe.


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