How to Delete Gmail Account

Gmail account has been the first choice of users with respect to share and receive emails from the clients.  It is pretty simple to use and install on multiple devices including Android, iPhone, and Blackberry which cause there is common popularity among the users in terms of installing and configuring Gmail account. Gmail is a part and parcel feature of Google, therefore why when someone purchases his new Android device, he has to set up his Gmail account with the IMAP and SMTP mail server.

How to delete Gmail account? 

Gmail account is one of the most trusted and popular email service offered by Google. It allows users to send and receive emails and documents online via mail for free. Gmail has one of the greatest security features that help to manage an account in all respects. It always maintained the popularity with the users so it is necessary to delete the email account when you don’t feel like to use it further.

But if you are in the doubt that what to do delete the Gmail account then you have to be proactive to understand the real cause of deleting the Gmail account with ease. In this article, there is completer advice in terms of deleting an email account for a few days and permanently from the computer and mobile devices by using simple methods. 

Must be aware before deleting Gmail account:

Nevertheless, if you want some more perfect step by step method to delete Gmail account, you need to use some different method which is a bit tricky but it will help you to secure your privacy and it will delete your account easily. First things you need to consider that you will delete your account Gmail account forever when you will delete it permanently. Go for the backup to your important documents and then move to remove the Gmail account. One more thing which is necessary to know to remove the Gmail account you won’t release the same username ever. Deleting Gmail account is not going to delete Google account and after removing the Gmail account might be recovered before 72 hours with the help of Gmail customer services.

Use the basic method to delete Gmail account:

Most of us always think that when don’t need to use a Gmail account then can we delete our information from the Gmail account. So the answer is correct you can delete your Gmail account permanently when you no longer want to use it. So if you have finally decided to delete the Gmail account, go to your laptop and turn it on now. Launch an internet browser and go to the Google account page. Press the sign-in button to enter the correct email address and password.

Go my account page option under the preferences. You can easily select the remove button from the manage account settings and enter the email address and password that will verify the real user of the account and after press continues button and press delete button. A message will be showing for the final documentation and asking you for the products that you have to select now.

You have to enter the password into the first field and reenter the password in the second field. Press on the Next button to your Gmail accounts, and click the trash button and select the back up to save on your computer or other email accounts. Now you have entered the new primary email address and your current password and click the remove Gmail account button and press confirm and continue button at the end of the process.

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Now your Gmail account has been removed and if you need to recover it, you can perform the recovery troubleshooting method with the help of Gmail customer service before twelve to seventy-two hours otherwise you will lose your Gmail account for permanently.

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