How to Install and Activate Norton Antivirus

Norton antivirus can easily be installed with the online means by simply following the below given steps. User can use the Norton antivirus CD for its installation and further can use the features and services of the same.

Therefore, for processing the Norton Antivirus Installation the user is required to follow the steps that are mentioned below. User should carefully process these steps so that there is no error while scanning for virus on the systems.

  1. First of all the user needs to insert the Norton antivirus CD in their systems on which they are working.
  2. Then they should give a double click on my computer menu.
  3. After this, a double click should be given on the CD icon that is displayed there.
  4. The user should then select on install Norton antivirus online menu once the screen gets opened.
  5. By selecting on it, the user need to select on next once they have read the terms and conditions.
  6. After this the user is supposed to click on the option named I accept the license agreement so that the Norton installation process starts.
  7. Then, select on next and go to the preinstall scanner screen.
  8. In that screen, the user is required to select the start scan menu so that there is no hinder while installing the antivirus.
  9. Now the user should select any folder in the destination folder menu for this antivirus to get saved and installed.
  10. Click on custom install and from there select the install now.
  11. Lastly, when the user sees that the antivirus has installed, they should restart their systems.

Hence, by these steps the Norton Antivirus Activation will be processed and the user shall use it for protecting their systems from any harmful virus or threat. With these steps, this antivirus will be installed easily and the user can further work on their system.

On the other hand, whenever the user faces any issue in the steps to Install Norton Antivirus, then they can contact the representatives and can take the help from them. The Norton executives can easily be contacted on their phone numbers and emails.

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