How to Install Google Play Store in Laptop

How to Install Google Play Store on Laptop- Find Here Steps

Google Play was originally born and referred to by Google (as the Android Market) is Google's official store. It is a portal for Android apps, games, and other content for your Android-powered phone, tablet, etc. The Google Play Store is the number one source of cool new apps for Android phones or tablets.

Steps to Install Google Play Store on Laptop

The Play Store APK is an awesome resource that can boost your mobile experience. You could download and install the APK documents on your mobile device or on your laptop. If you want to know how to install Google Play Store on Laptop then follow the below steps:

  • First of all download and install APK data utilizing either Google Chrome or the stock Android internet browser.
  • After that go to your app cabinet and click Downloads. Here you will locate the data you downloaded.
  • Just open up the file and install the app. Next, you should attach your Android tool to the laptop and enable USB mass-storage mode.
  • Next, drag and drop the data onto your device. By using a file manager, like Astro or ES Submit Traveler you could situate the data on your tool and install it.

How to Download and Install Google Play Store

You can do this easily by using just your device or by using a computer in case a Wifi connection on your device is not an option. You will require to download the Play Store APK before installing it. An APK is the Android version of a .exe program. It lets you install content on your Android device. Just make sure to download your APK from a trusted source as malware. The below-given steps will help you with how to install the google play store.

1. Downloading and Installing Google Play Store using the Internet Connection on the Phone

In case you have a working Wifi connection on your device things are very simple:

A- First of all open the web browser on your device and then go to your trusted source like APKMirror and download the APK

B- Here you will get a warning about possible harm to your device emerging from the file type. This shouldn’t be anything to worry about if you are confident in your source's credibility.

C- After that open the APK and click install.

2. Downloading and Installing Google Play Store without an Internet Connection on Your device

You can follow the below steps if you don’t have a working Wifi or internet connection on your device and you want to use your computer:

A- Firstly download the APK to your computer from your trustworthy source

B- Then after connect your device using USB or any other method that lets you transfer files.

C- Next copy the APK file over to your computer. Just make sure you save it to a location you can easily find once you’ve disconnected the device from your computer.

D- Just locate the APK on your device, launch it and click Install. Now you have successfully installed the Google Play Store on your Android device.

Nowadays lots of users want quick solutions for how to install the Google play store on Laptop. We hope that the above steps helped you with how to install the google play store.

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