How To Set Up a Juno Email Account

Some Easy and quick steps to close and setup Juno email account?

Juno email is one of the best email service providers which is used by the billions of users across the world. If you don’t have any idea that how to delete or setup a Juno email account, then read this article for better help. 

How do I Close My Juno Email Account

  • How do i close my Juno email account?
  • First of all, open your computer and then start Juno.
  • Now Welcome to Juno windows will appears and then click on the Delete Account icon.
  • Now click on the Email Address under the Delete Account menu, which you want to delete.
  • After that, type your Juno email password into the Password box.
  • Now click on the Juno’s central computers and this computer option.
  • Now click on the OK to complete the process.


How to set up a Juno email account?

Juno email is accessible on a various kinds of devices and you can manage your email account on any platform. You can setup Juno email account on Android device by the following steps:

  • First of all, open the Settings of your Android device and click on the Accounts and then choose Add Account option.
  • Now click on the New account.
  • Now enter your Juno email ID and password into the required field and then click on the Next.
  • After that, choose POP server and enter the following information

                           POP server:

                           Server port: 995   

                          SSL: yes


  • Now click on the Next icon.
  • Now enter the following information for SMTP server

                        SMTP server:

                        Server port: 465

                        SSL: yes 

  • Now click on the Next

after that, customize the name for your Juno email account and then click on the Finish Setup icon to complete the process.

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