Qantas Manage Booking

Qantas Manage Booking

How do I check my Qantas booking?

Check-in online at

Make sure you're within the correct time frames.
Enter your booking reference and last name to find your booking.
Choose the 'Checkin/Print Boarding Pass' button, where your flight details are listed.
Print and take your Boarding Pass with you to the airport.

When can you book your seat on Qantas?

You can request your seat on a Qantas flight at any time after making your booking up until 24 hours before departure. Within 24 hours of departure, go straight to 'Check-in' as this will allow you to select your seats and check-in.

Can you change flights with Qantas?

Changing flights at Changing the date or time of your booking is easy at if your fare rules permit the change. For most bookings, simply follow four easy steps. Make changes and accept any change fees or fare differences, if applicable.

How do I upgrade my seat on Qantas?

To register for an international Classic Upgrade Reward using your points:

Log in to your Qantas Frequent Flyer account at
Go to 'Your Bookings'
Select 'Upgrade' for your desired booking.
Opt-in to be eligible for a Classic Upgrade Reward up to the gate.

How much does it cost to change flights with Qantas?

Fees for changing a flight are typically about $40-$50; cancellation charges can be hundreds of dollars, with many fare types providing no refund at all. Qantas has just increased its fee for changing its cheap fares to $50, plus any difference in the price.

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