Frontier Airlines Baggage Weight Limit

Want To Know About Frontier Airlines Baggage Weight Limit and Policy? Here Is The Detailed Information

Travelling with Frontier Airlines is the best option as it is the best airline in many terms. While travelling, everyone wants to make his journey memorable along with making it a point to manage the budget. And if you landed on the conclusion and preferred Frontier Airlines then you shall sit back and relax. As travelling with Frontier Airlines is almost a treat to travel. So, let us enlighten you with the services and other features of Frontier Airlines so that you come to know about your travel companion in a better way.

All About Frontier Airlines!

Frontier Airlines is the ultra-low-cost carrier airline service of America and is used to operate scheduled flights to various destinations of the country. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado the airline is considered to be the eighth-largest commercial airline in America in terms of the low-cost carrier. The airline consists of 95 aircraft in its fleet which is used to offer services to 111 destinations across different cities.

Frontier Airlines has introduced many ways by which one can book a flight ticket without any hassle. So, a passenger may either contact customer service or may even book online. But booking a flight with Frontier Airlines is not a herculean task. After booking the flight, the second thing that comes to mind is how much to carry along to avoid any inconvenience. And hence, for you, we have discussed Frontier Airlines' baggage weight policy further in this space.

Know-How Much to Checked-in Baggage Allowance and Carry-on Bag Allowance Along!

Frontier Airlines Checked Baggage Weight Limit:

  1. Each passenger is allowed to take 2 bags piece with a maximum weight of 23 Kg.
  2. The maximum dimensions of the bag allowed are 62 inches in total.
  3. If any passenger does not adhere to the allowed baggage rules then he will be asked to pay for an extra bag. The fee depends upon Frontier Airlines' baggage weight.
  4. A fee of around $30- $40 may be asked from you if you exceed the allowed baggage weight

Frontier Airlines Carry On Baggage Weight Limit:

  1. Frontier Airlines allows 1 carry-on bag piece not exceeding the weight of 10 Kg.
  2. The maximum dimension of the bag piece should be 24 x 16 x 10 inches altogether.
  3. The bag should be such that it would either fix in the overhead bin of the main cabin or may be adjusted in the front pocket of the seat.
  4. If anyone is not adhering to the carry-on bag allowance then he shall be asked for the extra baggage fees. This baggage fee depends upon the extra weight you have taken.

To avoid Frontier Airlines' baggage weight limit, a passenger can also choose to buy extra luggage at the time of check-in by paying the amount. This will not only avoid the chaos at the airport but also will give you flexibility towards the baggage limit allowed by Frontier Airlines.

Seeking Help From Frontier Airlines Customer Service

Frontier Airlines also has a separate and dedicated team of customer support on different platforms. So, if any passenger is having any query like Frontier Airlines baggage size and weight then you are free to contact Frontier Airlines Customer Service on any convenient platform. This customer service is 24/7 active and experienced customer support representatives will be pleased to help you.

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