Wow Air Manage Booking

If you are willing to add luggage allowance or change your booking, you are supposed to enter your booking number along with the surname. Then you need to make a click on Retrieve booking. The passengers who have purchased their holidays with 3rd party travel agencies are not supposed to take the benefit online. They are requested to contact their travel agency directly.

Use the 6-digit booking number and make your login if you are intended to manage your baggage allowance. To move the process forward, you will need to click on Retrieve booking. Is your flight delayed/canceled? If yes, you will have to follow the same process to submit a claim against the same. Get in touch with the travel agency that has provided you with the ticket. Your travel agency is subjected to help you in Wow Airlines Manage Booking.

Do you have a question?

Can I reserve a seat?

How do I bid on a seat upgrade?

Do you need to make changes to your reservation?

How do I access my car rental reservation?

Do you have a favorite seat?

Maybe you love to sit in the corner seat or the middle seat. You can reserve your favorite seat for a fee or get a standard seat randomly assigned at check-in, without paying anything.

Do you have a special item?

If you are carrying the items such as skis, bikes, golf sets, musical instruments or hunting guns, you are supposed to pay some extra fee. For knowing more details about the special items, you will need to dial the customer support number provided to you earlier. If you have lost that number, unfortunately, do collect it from the official website of Wow Airlines helpline. Wow helpline is widely known for its easy accessibility and passenger-centric policies.


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