How do I Add Passenger to Southwest Flight

How do I Add Passenger to Southwest Flight?

Is there a change in your travel plan? Are you intended to add more passengers to your Southwest reservation? No problem! We have come with a comfortable yet effective solution for you. Southwest Airlines, which was founded by Herb Kelleher in 1967, has employed more than 53,000 aviation professionals. The largest low-cost air group in the world is currently managed by Herb Kelleher, Gary C. Kelly, Tom Nealon, Mike Van de Ven, Rollin King, and Colleen Barrett.

Check out the steps of adding more passengers to your Southwest reservation:-

What are the steps of adding a passenger to Southwest Flight

Open this link

The Retrieve Air Reservation window will open

It will insist you to enter the Confirmation number, First Name, and Last Name

Click on the Continue icon

It will open the reservation you are expecting to manage

Add a passenger to your reservations

Add Passenger to Existing Reservations

Have you added the passenger or passengers to your reservation? Well, the process of adding passengers is easier if you make a direct conversation with the customer care professionals. Southwest has recruited the best professionals in the aviation industry, and trained them with highly experienced trainers. To get assistance, you simply need to dial the helpline number and ask how to add passengers to Southwest flight. Known for their optimum professionalism, these professionals are not likely to leave you or any other passenger unsatisfied. They are also promised to help you with your ticket cancellation, miles addition, and seat change.

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