Alaska Airlines Upgrade to First Class

Upgrade to First Class on Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is an American airline with a fleet size of 334 and covers 116 destinations. The airline is headquartered in SeaTac, Washington. Alaska Airlines has many classes like economy, premium class, and first-class. The airline allows passengers to easily upgrade their seat an existing reservation. You can upgrade your seat to first class and enjoy the luxurious, comfortable travel it provides.

Alaska Airlines First Class:

1. Seats

  • Alaska Airlines first-class seats are extremely spacious and comfortable. They have power outlets, great recline, and 40" pitch.

2. Meal

  • Passengers can order any desired meal before fight. Passengers also get to enjoy West Coast food and choose from a variety of delicious wines.

3. Lounge

  • Passengers can also get free access to Alaska lounger where they can relax work and eat at the airport. However, passengers upgraded to the first class are not eligible for it.

4. Perks

  • Other perks of First Class are cozy quilts, larger entertainment tablets, Wi-Fi, free check of two bags priority check-in and boarding and you can earn 75% more Mileage Plan bonus miles.

Types of Upgrade:

There are different types of Alaska Airlines first class upgrade that the elite and non-elite passengers can get. These different types of upgrades are mentioned below.

1. Complimentary Upgrade

Passengers who have acquired the elite status in the Mileage Plan frequent flyer program of Alaska Airlines gets various complimentary upgrades.

First Class Upgrade

  • Elite members can upgrade their seats to first-class unlimited times as complimentary upgrades.

Companion Upgrade

  • With this few elite members can also upgrade their one travelling companion to higher class.

Guest Upgrade

  • With this few elite members get guest upgrade certificates every year which they can use when guests are not traveling with them.

2. Purchase Upgrades

  • Passengers can also purchase an upgrade to First Class. Passengers will have to pay the upgrade fee of $29.00 USD and the fare difference. This upgrade depends upon the availability and can be done 24 hours before departure

3. Upgrades using Miles

  • If passengers have enough miles then they can redeem their miles to purchase a first-class upgrade. The miles will be deducted from their account and they can get an upgrade.


How To Get First-Class Upgrade On Alaska Airlines

If you want to know how to upgrade to first class in Alaska Airlines then you can do it in a variety of ways.

1. Online Upgrade

Passengers can purchase an upgrade online. Upgrades are available 24 hours before the flight departure. During the online check-in, passengers can pay or redeem miles to purchase an upgrade to first class.

  • Visit Alaska Airlines
  • Select the check-in option.
  • Enter the details to login
  • The option to upgrade will appear.
  • Select the payment mode
  • If available you will get an upgrade

2. Customer Service Center

  • Passengers can also call the customer care center and request the executive to upgrade their seats.

3. Kiosk

  • Passengers can also purchase an upgrade at the kiosk at the airport. They will have to enter their ticket details and while checking-in they will get the upgrades option.

4. Ticket Counter

  • Passengers can also go to the ticket counter and ask the airline executive to upgrade their seats. If there will be availability, seats will be upgraded.

5. Departure Gate

  • The option to upgrade will also be provided at the departure gate.


If passengers have any queries or want to know anything else about Alaska Airlines upgrade to first-class then they can contact the Alaska Airlines Customer Service center of the airline and get expert advice.

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