How to Install Google Play Store

How to install Google Play Store

With the Google play store, you can download so many apps according to your requirement. But if you needed to update it, all you need to do is install the Google Play Store. So, go through the following to know how to install Google Play Store:

  1. Check what version of Google Play Store you are using:

    a. Open Google Play Store app.

    b. Go to the Settings.

    c. In the Settings, just scroll through and you can see the current version of Google.

    d. On the internet check the latest version of the Google play store. If the current version does not match with the latest version, then, it is time to update the Google play store.

     2. Using APK, you can download Google Play Store:

          a. Google play store comes in APK format same as any other Android app.

          b.  It is essential to download Google Play Store from trusted sources because most trusted websites upload copies that have not been tampered with.

   3. In the settings, enable unknown sources:

        Sometimes, due to security reasons, the downloads are prohibited even from trusted sources, so, you can beforehand enable unknown sources or you can enable it during installation.

     Go through the following steps to activate enable unknown sources

         a. Enter device settings

         b. Go to Security.

         c. Search for the Unknown sources option and you need to check the box.

         d. A warning window pops up, you need to click on OK.

         e. Clicking on OK lets you install APKs from unknown sources.

4. Alternative method to install the Google Play Store using a File Manager:

        a. Open the file browser.

        b. Go to the section where you had downloaded the Google Play Store APK.

        c. Click on the APK, once you find it. A box pops up that may ask you to choose the App that you want to use. Click on Package Installer.

        d. The next screen that appears before you ask your permission to make changes if needed. You are required to grant permission. However, there usually aren’t any.

        e. Click on Install.

        f. Follow the on-screen instruction, if any, that pops up once the latest version has been downloaded.

5. The next step that you need to follow is to disable unknown sources. Once you leave the Unknown Sources box checked is a threat to security and may cause a problem.

The above steps lucidly explain how to install Google Play Store.

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