How to Recover Gmail Password

How to Recover Gmail Password


Step by Step methods for How to recover Gmail Password

Gmail account is very useful for sending and receiving Emails. Gmail is developed by Google as an open source software.If you forget your Gmail account password then it can create a huge inconvenience because most of the time you use your Gmail account as a center of many it is possible to recover your Gmail password .

If you did not use your Gmail account for a long time and there may be a chance you can forget your password.For Gmail Password Recovery You need to do following steps:-


  • first you have to open your Gmail account
  • then you need to enter your gmail email id
  • if you have forgotten your password then you need to click on the link of “Forget password”.
  • If you have entered your alternate email id then you will get a link on that email id and you can open your Gmail account
  • otherwise you need to go at Google account recovery page to start the process or you can load the Gmail page and click on the link “need help”.
  • After then you will see a page where you have to click o the “i do not know password”. Then you need to click on the button “trying to recover “password otherwise click on the “continue” button.
  • Then you have to choose your recovery option and enter the verification code.
  • After all these process your account will be recover and you can use easily.

If you face any trouble then you can contact to Gmail customer support for any help related to how to recover Gmail Password .They will provide you best Solution for recovery your Gmail password.

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